2021 Fashion Brands: Recycled and Upcycled Clothing

2021 Fashion Brands: Recycled and Upcycled Clothing


Today, sustainability is becoming a key factor that governs business processes. An increase in environmental awareness and ethical considerations are major driving factors for this. Beyond the realm of sustainable business practice, consumers are also becoming environmentally conscious. As a result, the adoption of concepts like circular economy, minimalism becomes crucial to industries. Sustainable fashion, especially recycled vintage clothing, is a new trend in the textile industry. In this blog, read more about the major vintage fashion brands that offer upcycled and recycled clothing.

What is Sustainable Fashion? 

The vintage fashion industry is always at the forefront of embracing innovation. The very spirit of this industry is in introducing new trends. However, from the perspective of climate change, the traditional fashion sector is very unsustainable. The textile industry consumes enormous water resources as well as energy. Similarly, used clothes from customers often end up in public landfills. At this juncture, the textile industry needs a robust sustainability strategy for minimizing its carbon footprints. Upcycled and recycled vintage clothing is in a way revolutionizing the fashion industry. The most common concepts in sustainable vintage fashion brands are,

Recycled Clothing

The concept of recycling is becoming very prominent among major vintage fashion brands. In textile recycling, used clothes are broken down into small fragments. After proper cleaning and processing, new clothes are made of these pieces.  

Upcycled Clothing 

Upcycling is a common method in the sustainability industry. In the case of clothes, the company modifies a single piece of used garment into a new garment. 

The concept of eco-friendly shopping is driving the demand for recycled vintage clothing to a great extent. Let us explore some major brands that offer sustainable vintage fashion labels.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands to Watch Out for In 2021 

Sustainable fashion is more than ethical sourcing. Companies working in this sector adopt a circular fashion model at every step in creating the product. Today, numerous vintage brands are offering their collection of ethical products. Check out some of the best sustainable fashion brands.


1.Upcycled Clothing Brands.

The major clothing brands that offer upcycled clothing products are,

  • Urban Renewal.

Urban Renewal is a recycled vintage clothing brand from the house of Urban Outfitters. The company follows a sustainable sourcing policy that helps collect used clothes from various locations. The expert team of designers at urban renewal provides these clothes a complete revamp. Using a wide range of dyes and paint treatments, each fabric is given a fresh look keeping up with the fashion trends. The brand offers a variety of products, including menswear, ladies’ wear, and home decor items. 

  • RE/DONE.

The brand RE/DONE firmly believes in restoring the quality of vintage denim material. It specializes in making upcycled aprons, shorts, jeans, and jackets. In most cases, the company makes an effort to preserve the original stitching patterns of the vintage piece. This makes it a premium offering among the upcycled fashion brands.

  • Antiform.

Antiform, a UK-based fashion company, places ethical clothing at the core of its product designs. At Antiform, a passionate group of designers, collaborators and, local craftsmen come together to create wonders in upcycled fabrics. The team works closely with local manpower to produce these high-quality garments. It also focuses on local, sustainable sourcing of used garments, minimizing carbon footprints in transportation. With a focus on knitwear, it has a huge collection of trendy designs in multiple segments. 

2.Recycled Clothing Brands.

The demand for recycled vintage clothing is prompting more and more companies to work in a circular economy model in fashion. Some major brands operating in this space are,

  • Fanfare

The brand Fanfare works with the sole purpose of using the maximum life span of a fabric. By taking a circular fashion approach, it prevents used clothes from piling up in landfills. With carefully handcrafted designs, these recycled products provide a premium experience to their customers. A sustainable approach in every step minimizes the overall carbon footprint of production. It also works extensively on sensitizing customers on the need for ethical fashion choices.

  • RubyMoon

With an official tagline of ‘Gym to Swim’ clothing, RubyMoon offers high-quality swim and activewear. It extensively uses discarded nylon and plastics for creating attractive swimwear. This prevents the accumulation of these materials in the ocean. The company focuses on ethical standards in every aspect of production. The unique model of RubyMoon goes beyond regenerative and circular fashion. Using profits from its operations, the company empowers women entrepreneurs in setting up local businesses across the globe.

  • Beyond Retro

With more than 19 years of experience in the recycled vintage clothing line, Beyond Retro is a pioneer in ethical fashion. It works with a network of charity organizations and recyclers to source used garments. The expert team at Beyond Retro uses high-end technology to identify, segregate and transform these pieces into trendy fashion wear. By processing a mix of second-hand clothes, designers at the company strive to create the perfect trendsetter. 

LA Vintage Wholesale – Redefining Sustainable Fashion 

LA Vintage wholesale is a pioneer in the bulk distribution of vintage clothing and shoes. With more than 28 years of experience in the industry, the company promotes sustainable fashion trends. It serves numerous resellers and ethical fashion stores with a bulk supply of recycled garments. Being a recycled vintage clothing wholesaler, the company offers these garments at affordable prices. If you are a retailer or an ethical fashion business, reach out to La Vintage for booking a warehouse visit.

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