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Motivated by our passion for sustainability, our family owned business has been recycling used clothing, shoes and accessories for 28 years. Based in Los Angeles, LA Vintage Wholesale sorts millions of pounds of clothing and shoes a year to provide quality one of a kind pieces. We promote recycled fashion in our efforts to leave a positive impact. We emphasize the “Three R’s” - Reduce, reuse, recycle, and believe in the importance of sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. We buy raw material, bring it to our factory, sort it in- house, and export the remaining product to third world countries where the product is sold in local markets by local micro entrepreneurs who resell the goods to make a living for themselves.

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Handpick at Our Warehouse

  • Make an appointment and personally handpick your favorite pieces!
  • Customers handpicking for the First Time are required to spend a $750 minimum
  • Returning customers handpicking are required to spend a $1,000 minimum
  • A Business License and/or Reseller Permit is required before entry

Order Remotely From Our Warehouse

  • Our team personally picks items specific to your order and we ship directly to you!
  • Customers ordering remotely are required a $1,000 minimum
  • Requirement includes specifications in regards to item order list and photos
  • A Business License and/or Reseller Permit is required before entry