70s attire- Disco Costumes, Vintage Outfits for Halloween

70s Attire - Disco Costumes

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With more and more modern fashionistas returning to the boho style, recycled vintage clothing is circling back in fashion. As we approach Halloween, disco clothing from the 70s has become one of the most sought after costumes. Whether you want to create your own look or if you want to find it at a vintage store, you can rock the disco dance look in many ways. Let us take a look at some of the most flamboyant and exuberant clothes that are symbolic of that era.

Disco Costumes for Women

The disco clothing of the 70s was focused on accentuating the female form. Sheer and translucent materials were used in the dresses to highlight the body of the dancer. Some of the most popular, fun, and feminine looks of that era can be revisited as follows:

  • Shiny leggings: ‘Everything shiny’ was the motto of the 70s disco fashion designers. The more maximalist and shiny the dress was, the better. Shiny leggings were one of the most popular choices. The disco dancers preferred it because they were both- functional as well as fashionable. You can team them up with different hues of strapless sequined top and rock the best disco party in the town.
  • Bell bottomsBell bottoms were one of the most loved shapes in the 70s used in both pant hems and shirt sleeves. If you do not like the tight disco 70s outfits, bell-bottoms can rescue you from the same. Visit your nearest recycled vintage clothing store to choose geometric print or paisley tops with flowy and loose sleeves. Team this up with bell-bottoms along with knee-high boots or strapping platform heels, and your look is complete.
  • Jumpsuit fever: Jumpsuits came to be popular in that era after Diana Ross wore them for her famous performances. They come in all shapes and styles to suit everyone’s tastes. To get that ultimate disco look, choose the one with a Peter Pan inspired collar, bell-bottom shaped sleeves, and buttons at the front. To further accentuate your silhouette, choose a wide belt for the waist.
  • Leotards: Though not as common as the jumpsuits, leotards were often worn by the most daring party goers. They offered an unconventional and summery alternative allowing maximum dancing mobility. Just ensure that you pick a shiny one.
  • Sassy and short: With the advent of the 70s came to the popularity of tight hot pants and even tighter tops. Though this wasn’t practical for dancing, it was often worn by women for showing off their figure. Another option in terms of shorts are cycling shorts. If the hot pants are too racy for your taste, you could team up stretchy nylon cycling shorts with metallic silver or gold shirts. Finish off your recycled vintage clothing ensemble with a big flamboyant hairdo and bold makeup.

Disco Costumes for Men

Men didn’t have as many variations or options for disco dance clothing as the women in the era. However, some of the key elements that can be incorporated into your recycled vintage clothing to achieve the ultimate 70s look can be listed as follows.

  • Shiny shirtsAn open chested reflective and shiny shirt with bell-bottom pants is considered to be the epitome of 70s disco fashion clothing of men. Accessorize it with gold medallions or chains, and you are ready to rock any disco party. In order to zing your outfit a little more, choose vivid colors or geometric prints in pants along with satiny shirts.
  • Cool and comfyFor a nerdier and casual look, combine turtleneck sweaters in neutral colors with lame stretchy pants. This combination is cooler and more comfortable to move around. To complete your retro funky look, team this ensemble with soft loafers and aviator sunglasses, which were symbolic of the era.
  • Smart casualsThink of John Travolta in disco, and you would come up with his iconic black shirt and white suit combo from the movie 'Saturday Night Fever'. Slick back your hair in his style and ensure that both your shirt collar and jacket lapels are wide open for perfecting the look. Do make sure to unbutton your shirt and tuck it in your pants too. Complete your outfit with a silver or gold chain and platform boots that will make you stand out in any disco-themed party.

Remember, shopping for recycled vintage clothing in terms of 70s disco outfits is pretty easy if you know what look you are aiming for. It is best to first try different options from the era to understand what works for our body shape and personal style. Just make sure your outfit echoes the core disco sentiment- fun and carefree. LA Vintage is one of the best vintage clothing stores in LA, and we stock a large collection of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories at the best prices.

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