Future of Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

Future of Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

Food and fashion are the two industries that are most burdensome to the planet in their contribution to global warming. Our current ways of life and consumption are causing more harm than good to the world. It needs to be replaced with a respectful and sustainable approach in the best interest of the planet and the life forms here.

The good news is, the insiders in the food and fashion industries have finally begun to place a greater emphasis on sustainability.


Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is although constantly changing; sustainable fashion is yet to establish and has a long way to go. But the fact that more Vintage clothing suppliers and customers are taking to the fashion industry's sustainability approach just indicates that the industry has finally ready to take a shift.

Vintage clothing suppliers are now increasingly welcoming the ideas of recycling and used clothing. This trend became quite clear from the views of the panelists and people from the recent fashion events across the world.

Here is a Fashion report by Luxiders on how the people are searching for sustainable fashion in 2020.


Fashion Scene in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a fashion hub. The city is considered to be the alternative fashion capital that impacts the fashion trend across the world. It has always attracted creative and independent thinking people.

The Los Angeles Fashion Scene clearly indicates that sustainability has come to stay. The city values sustainable thought and is leading the way to the durable fashion to attract vintage clothing suppliers. Independent vintage clothing suppliers are increasing here than ever before with designs that have diverse colors and patterns.

The city may have mixed fashion pulses, but when you add the presence of vintage clothing suppliers, you may feel sustainability is booming here.


The Revival of Sustainable Fashion and Vintage Clothing

About two years ago, the sustainable fashion industry was quite niched. However, everything has changed today with the growing demand for ethical and sustainable fashion. According to a fashionista,

‘Things have changed rapidly in a very short span of two, to two and a half years.’

The idea of reused material or second hand is now gaining acceptance and Vintage clothing suppliers have come to the forefront today. We have now almost entered the age when wearing a second hand is socially acceptable as well as fashionable.


Shift in Production Methods by Large Companies

The fashion industry drives on production as well as consumption.

The fact that Multinational companies are now talking about sustainability and making necessary changes in their philosophy of clothing shows a change in the attitude of people.

Large retailers, including vintage clothing suppliers, are now making changes in their production processes. Sustainability trend is beginning to become the on-trend in the fashion industry. 


Helping towards a Positive Environment

Fashion is just one aspect to impact the environment positively. Anyone that cares about sustainability will focus on using sustainable garments from vintage clothing suppliers. But it should not end here. There are several other ways to mark your impact like reducing dairy and meat consumption, flying less, and switching to a renewable energy supplier.

Sustainability tips can be reduced to three basic actions:

- REUSE everything you can,

- RECYCLE what we can, and

- REDUCE consumption.

There is no doubt that to have a sustainable future, we may have to go beyond what we do today.

No one thought polythene bags would be banned someday. It should not surprise us when the governments decide to curb fast fashion with penalties to save land and society. This might swell the ranks of vintage clothing suppliers.



The latest fashion trend isn’t a seasonal color or a must-have style: It’s the concept of sustainability and ethical clothing. Sustainability may spread across on a wider level, which could be the future's visible trend in high streets. The people may have likely modified their purchasing behavior. They might begin buying less and buying small. All in time, the future of fashion!

LA Vintage Wholesale, based in Los Angeles is a family-owned business at the forefront of sustainability for nearly three decades. The company’s main aim is to focus on recycling used clothing, accessories, and shoes and upholds the sustainability principle of reducing its carbon footprint.

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