How To Thrift Vintage Clothing Online

How To Thrift Vintage Clothing Online

The thrill of finding unique items from the 90s, 80s, or even 50s that no one else in your circle will have is unmatched. This is why thrifting has grown exponentially popular in recent years. Thankfully, instead of browsing crowded aisles and potentially dusty thrift stores, you can hunt for that next cool set of vintage dresses or branded athleisure shirts right from the comfort of your own home! Though the experience is slightly different, there are many benefits to thrifting online. Here are some tips on how to thrift vintage online like a pro!

Know Your Measurements Well

Online thrifting is made slightly more challenging by the fact that sizing varies depending on the brand and age of each item. You should maintain a record of all your measurements and the sizes you wear for your preferred brands on your phone. Measure your favorite clothing flat as well, since some dealers only offer those dimensions. This speeds up filtering and searching for the precise information you need.

Hit Up a Few Online Market Places

This one’s pretty obvious, but you got to find the places you enjoy shopping at to get your go-to source for vintage clothing! Due to the website's search and filter options, ThredUp is a great place to find specific designs and sizes. You can also try Ebay and ShopGoodwill, which have vintage clothing at reasonable prices. You can even place a bid on something that's on the rarer side or that you really want to add to your collection. Facebook Marketplace is another good option for finding local options if you're looking to avoid shipping fees. 

If you’re a vintage reseller, there’s no better place than LA Vintage Wholesale! We offer a wide selection of products in excellent condition, with virtual shopping experiences for customers with smaller orders for a more curated mix where each item is handpicked. This includes gems like the Men's Vintage Jacket Bale Of 100 Lbs, a collection of unique jackets from the 2000s or earlier. 

Keep an Open Mind

One lesson experts learn through years of online secondhand shopping is to approach the website more like a mood board than a store. Be flexible with your search because availability can change fast. Be willing to consider "off-brand" options or items that might require some repair. Give ads with less-than-perfect images a chance as well, as those are likely to be the ones that go unnoticed.

You'll be able to find unique and intriguing pieces for your wardrobe by keeping an open mind and using interesting or specific search terms. If you find an item you adore, go ahead and check out the seller's store, as the chances are that they may have some other items that you'd like as well.

Know the Return Policy

Reread the return policy before pressing the submit button for the payment details. It varies depending on the vendor, and some platforms have a restocking fee that might mount up if you frequently return products. Many people want to avoid it, but there are instances when it makes more sense to give unwanted clothing to a nearby thrift shop rather than deal with the inconvenience of returns.

We hope you’ll find these tips helpful as you embark on your next mission to spice up your wardrobe with some online vintage thrift shopping!

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