Wholesale Vintage – Behind the Scenes

Wholesale Vintage – Behind the Scenes

LA Vintage has always stood as a supportive companion to rising designers, passionate costume stylists, and prominent buyers in the limelight industry. Owing to our competence in the vintage clothing supply chain, we have built strong lasting bonds with retailers and vintage wholesalers, and will continue to do so.

We have always had our hearts set on sustainable fashion right from 2008, the beginning of our vintage supplier journey.

The goal is to look good by working for the collective good! Take a look at how it’s done at LA Vintage.

Vintage Clothing Wholesale – The Nuts and Bolts

  1. It all begins with charity.

According to the EPA, it costs $45 on average per ton to dispose waste in a landfill and the production of new textiles accounts for 10% of all carbon emissions. Yes, donating clothes does create a huge difference in the world.

And where do your donated clothes go? Clothes dropped off at donation centers such as The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and suchlike are sent to the processing plants or individual stores of the donation centers. For example, Goodwill operates more than 3,200 individual stores where workers parse through the entire collection to eliminate the clothes that are deemed unfit for usage. (Those have mildew and stains such as gasoline, toxic!)

Clothing dropped off at processing plants, not just clothes, but shoes and accessories as well, go through an intense process of filtration and are sorted.

Where do these carefully selected clothes go next? --- Thrift Stores.

  1. We start at here, at the “Unchosen”.

Not all clothes make it to the thrift stores; it is found on a large-scale that only a small percentage of what is collected is sent to the thrift stores. Clothing that is judged to be suitable for the local market is picked out; eventually, the contemporary ones usually make a list. And what gets left out along with other unchosen ones? --- fine pieces of vintage clothing!

As people say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. We, at LA Vintage, buy the “left-out” clothing from the donation centers in bulk. We also take in clothes those remain unsold at thrift stores as well. Normally, clothes that don’t make the sale at thrift stores within four weeks of the display are pulled down and are sent to even cheaper thrift stores or to textile recyclers.

We buy these unsold clothes from first-time thrift stores, prior to the stage of the movement. So yeah, we do start at the “Unchosen”.

And then, we stop at the Rag House.

  1. Our very own Rag House.

LA Vintage has its very own Rag House, where millions of pounds of used clothing, shoes, and accessories are recycled annually to provide sustainable women’s, men’s, and children’s fashion.

Thanks to our dedicated cohort of employees, each seasoned with significant years in the retail industry, clothes collected from donation centers and thrifts stores are meticulously examined and sorted into two broad categories, the global market and our vintage wholesale department.

The carefully organized clothes are washed, upcycled, and reworked before being sent for packaging and to the floors. Being a vintage clothing supplier who constantly strives to be a zero-waste organization, we at the Rag House, recycle and process mixed rags to source high-grade vintage pieces and retro style clothing.

  1. On to the floors.

Our 42,000 square foot warehouse holds the revamped assortment of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories arranged in categories of brand, material and style. We hold an exclusive rack of unique vintage pieces dating from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, for the fashion enthusiasts and retro lovers.

We also make sure to provide the best of unique retro styles to retailers and vintage wholesalers, with consistent premium quality every time. LA Vintage takes pleasure in attending to designers and stylists from the entertainment industry, and to help them find the perfect fit for the role is something that our floors have witnessed for a long time!

Customers and first-time shoppers who are willing to grace the floors of our warehouse with their presence can email us at info@lavintage.com to book an appointment for visitation. There is nothing better than personal interaction, is there?

How “Online” Works

If you can’t pay a visit to our warehouse, no sweat, you can still contact us online!

We are available at LA Vintage online site to take your digital orders, and if you need a category and price list for wholesale requests, just hit us up through our id at info@lavintage.com.

We would be happy to share the guidelines of online orders as well!


To place a custom remote order, please fill out our contact form and let us know what you are looking for! We will help you handpick your favorites at your personal budget; consider us your trusted friend.


Anyone that wants to purchase vintage wholesale clothing online in bundles can also shop directly from our website! This is great for anyone that wants to buy a smaller quantity of items or for anyone that wants to get a taste of the kind of items we offer here at LA Vintage.

To know more about us, head to our https://lavintage.com/ page to get better acquainted with our story and purpose!


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