The Vintage Essentials of the Holidays Season: Old School is the New Super Cool

Vintage Holiday Season

Christmas is around the corner, you have your winter soiree invitations scattered on the desk, and the word “Party” is circled red on your calendar slot for December 31st.

The Holiday season

The holiday season has dawned upon the world, leaving the air filled with fun and fervent vintage fashion!

A touch of vintage glam is all that you needed to perk up those festive nights and Instagram photos. And of course, to revive your ardor as well after an eventful year.

Let’s liven up the celebration with a bit of originality and classics, shall we?

Take a look at our vintage party specials. Be it for a formal work gathering or a young-and-free night, and we’ve got your back.

The Velvet Dress:

The velvet dress has always been a faithful best friend, who makes sure that all eyes are on you when you make that grand entrance.

Cladding velvet clothing offers you a contoured look, with the crafted fabric embracing your curves and silhouetting your figure. For the misty winter evenings, long-sleeved velvet dresses are a good choice to keep you warm and also to cast a sophisticated style statement.

To harmonize with the Christmas shades, a red embellished fitted dress with a pair of bold colored heels would do the job! Want to look chic and smart in an effortless way? Well, we suggest a draped bodice cocktail vintage dress in any one of the colors, such as black, royal blue, or rich emerald.

To throw in a little more vintage, go for the timeless black sheath velvet dress. Need we say more?


Nothing screams, “Let’s get the rage on” like sequins. These vintage clichés are the holiday’s sine qua non! What could be a good way to light up the dark cold nights other than by donning a super shiny sequin…anything?

While going for this sparkly outfit, make sure to choose one of either type – complete head-to-toe sequin fad or one sequin piece paired with a choice that underplays. To nail the first option, sequin stripe jumpsuits and sequin fringe dresses come off as best nominees of this season. Multi-colored sequins look good on short slip and shift dresses, giving an ensemble of sparkly colors.

For the subtle graze of glitter, a sequin crop top dressed down with high-waist jeans hits the bulls-eye for a sporty look! Oh yes, don’t forget the loop earrings! Not an ardent lover of jeans? No sweat! You can always rely on the daring black bodycon leather skirt for a stylish fete ahead.


One trend that can never go wrong for office wingdings is ---- Blazers, either as a single vesture or as a part of a suit.

To blend in, without becoming completely unnoticed, a single-breasted satin blazer would be “just right”. You can pair it with a pair of high-rise satin trousers to project an outright Wall Street look.  For a punchy and a spirited flavor, throw on a plaid blazer paired with sleek trousers or with a matching mini-skirt. And play a little with the shades, will ya?

Now blazers don’t always have to be the biggish outerwear.

They can also be your wrap tops those show off your elegant figure. Adorned with a snazzy waist-tie, the tie-front crepe blazer is a perfect piece that will give you an hour-glass shape. For added snuggly comfort, go for the wool blend belted blazers featuring adjustable belts to complement your physique, and flattering darts.

Vintage Ankle-Boots:

You may want to keep those sneakers inside the rack for some time now since this gala time of the year gives you good reason to roll out some good old vintage boots!

Ankle boots have reigned the vintage fashion aura since the Victorian era; they make you crave for fall, don’t they?

Looped-button boots, especially in white, add a whole lot of gusto to your strut. Meanwhile, two-tone vintage boots give out good measure to any outfit worn, provided that the colors complement each other. Sock-style boots give a long-legs vintage effect when you pair it with skinnies of the same color.

Cords of laces running up the front of any boot, no matter the design and style, make the pair classier and sophisticated. A look that you desire for any special event!


Scarf to a winter outfit is like the cherry on top of a luscious truffle cake!

An animal print scarf made with cashmere acrylic fabric sure will sprinkle a tint of charisma to your demeanor. Needless to say, the exemplary faux fur collar scarf can never be overlooked, along with the time-honored plaid blanket scarf.

 As a matter of course, one can always trust a complete cashmere blanket scarf to keep the bitterness of the piercing cold at bay! Not to mention the ever-admired Chenille scarf that has at all times been a vintage favorite.

So brace yourself for an exciting vintage shopping spree!

Take a look at our wholesale collection of vintage dresses, shoes, and accessories! Make most of this holiday season with these shindig specials!

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