Vintage Clothing: An Eco-Ethical Pick

Vintage Eco Clothing

Vintage Clothing, a timeless vogue, has been creating waves as an eclectic style statement across the bustling streets of Los Angeles.

Apart from being an eternal classic, vintage clothing comes off as an eco-friendly choice, especially in a world where business often takes over the environment, and in some cases, basic ethics as well.

Owing to its stamp of reusability, vintage clothing is frequently listed as one of the best ways for clothing brands to attain sustainable fashion.

Here’s why and how.

The Dark Side of the Brightly-Lit Fashion Industry:

As citizens of the Earth, humans have been diligent in finding ways to make successive impacts on the environment, with intent to make lives more comfortable and fancy.

In this year 2019, the global denim market is valued at approximately 90 billion U.S. dollars; yeah, people do love their jeans. Here’s a fun fact, to make one pair of denim jeans, 2000 gallons of water is needed to grow the one kilo of cotton required for the pair.

Jeans don’t feel so right now, do they?

The fashion industry as a whole contributes to 20 percentage of global wastewater and 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Reports find that for every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is land-filled or burned, while less than 1% of clothing is recycled into new clothes.

Those low-priced fast fashion garments that swiftly move from runway to stores to eager consumers play a massive part in polluting water bodies every year. Popularly known synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic make up about 60 percent of the material used in such clothing. Cheap and flexible as they are, they also shed tiny plastic fibers into the water supply when washed, which eventually drain into lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

Talk about disrupting the entire marine life for the sake of fad and mode!

Cutting to the chase, the choices that fill your closet do take a toll on this beautiful little planet.

Vintage Clothing does “Great” than just “Good”:

Shopping for vintage clothing is one sure way to save a lot of money and guilt. Well, you can count on wholesale suppliers for reliability and incredible prices. As for the moral compass, let’s take a good look at the virtues of vintage!

Saves a lot of Energy

The best thing about vintage clothing, vintage shoes, and vintage accessories is that they are all vintage; they already exist. By choosing to shop for vintage, you are actually shunning the large manufacture and production processes of new apparel, which naturally require a whole set of resources and a vast amount of energy.

With studies proving that the fashion industry consumes a lot more energy than the aviation and shipping industries combined, going-vintage does right the wrongs of many!

Lives by the Three R’s

Vintage clothes foster the three R’s of sustainability – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Clothes that are deemed to be just hanging around in the wardrobe for too long are quick to be sent to land-fills and incinerators, which is not a good thing. It is found that an average consumer in the present times, buys almost 60% more items of clothing than in 2000, but each garment is kept for half as long.

Here’s where vintage wholesale suppliers flock in to make things better. Here at La Vintage, through our recycle and revamp work model, a significant number of clothes of the past are stopped from being discarded. The vintage pieces are sorted, and some are reconditioned to take form as splendid classics!

Since more quality and natural fibres were put into the manufacturing of these older pieces, vintage clothes in general, tend to last longer than the commercially large-scale produced clothing. Being timeless hold, it is true for both beauty and value!

Hold Stronger Ethics

The growing demand for instant low-priced clothing has pushed manufacturers to take up drastic, instant methods of production. Such techniques open up to a plague of hazardous and immoral possibilities, ranging from the employment of increased artificial fibres to brutal workforce recruitment such as cheap and forced labour.  However, like it’s known, there is no supply without demand.

So next time you go shopping, do remember that your choice holds more power than you think!

Keeping up with sustainable fashion can be quite challenging, but it’s worth the shot for the living world and the coming generation. A bit of careful contemplation, resistance and goodwill are all needed to combat the tempting desires that often win. Educate yourself and others around you to incite awareness and let’s take that big step together towards sustainable living.

Head to our shop for vintage page to know about our story and check out our extensive range of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories! Been creating a difference since 2008!

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