This Summer build a great Wardrobe with these 20 Essentials

Vintage Shopping Summer Essentials

20 Summer Wardrobe Essentials - Get Your Pretty On

Recycled vintage clothing, a fashion trend that combines vintage and high street clothing, is turning out to be a fashion rage. As an ode to simplicity, it suits all types of personalities. As a statement of authentic fashion, it has come to stay. And the best place to fill up your summer wardrobe essentials is from an American used clothing company.

Here are the 20 best recommendations for your summer closet to up your style game.

1. Trendy Tote

A trendy carryall tote from American used clothing company will be spacious enough to carry your sunglasses, water bottle, and sundry other items. It makes the summer commute extremely comfortable.

2. White Shirt

This is an unmissable summer essential that can go with anything, be it shorts, jeans or skirts. White is the choicest color to protect you from the summer tan.

3. Classic Strap Sandals

This is your best bet to avoid sweaty feet. A classic two-strap sandal pair is light and soothing to your feet. It keeps your feet protected while adding to the summer style feature.

4. Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is not essential summer wear, but it could be your perfect style statement to keep you comfortable when the temperature drops in the morning and evening hours.

5. White T-shirt

A T-shirt in any color is a T-shirt, but it has to be white for your summer collection. It looks great when manufactured in a recycled vintage clothing style. Coming from an American used clothing company only adds authenticity to it.

6. Denim Shorts

There’s no better way to show off your attractive legs than in denim shorts. Paired with the white T-shirt, it gives you a perfectly cool and casual look you have always wanted to flaunt.

7. White Sneakers

White sneakers have remained perennially in fashion for decades. The American used clothing company enhances its vintage value with recycled vintage clothing. Your feet remains fresh and dry with this minimalist shoe.

8. Midi Skirt

Chic and flattering, midi, not mini is the current fashion in vogue. Designed for summer, a midi skirt goes well with both heels and flats. Recycled vintage clothing adds to its cool and comfort levels.

9. Shirt Dress

A shirt dress makes an excellent outfit choice for its versatility. It’s as great in the office as at your favorite cafe. The style simplicity and chic value of shirt dress add to cool and confident feel and elegance.

10. Boyfriend Jeans

Jeans are your favorite outfit, but summer is not the time for them. Your right summer staple is boyfriend jeans. Made from recycled vintage clothing, only the best American used clothing company can offer, you get a cool and comfortable experience wearing them.

11. White Pants

Summer is the season of white. It is cool, comfortable, and refreshing to wear white pants. White pants come in several styles and designs, including in its vintage avatar, whether flared, straight, or cropped. You cannot afford to miss white pants made from recycled vintage clothing.

12. Straw Hat

The hat will add on to your style while protecting you from the sun. A straw hat is a light to wear and best for specific occasions like a picnic or beach.

13. Maxi

Summer is the time to do away with tight and restrictive outfits to give way to the maxi dress. You can beat the summer heat with the signature designed maxi dress. Choose from a variety of styles but keep the color light for the summer.

14. Ballet Flats

When it comes to footwear, there is nothing that matches the comfortable and chic ballet flats for summer. It goes pretty well with pants or jeans or with any other dress, including a skirt. They are available in diverse shapes, styles, and colors at an American used clothing company.

15. Crossbody Bag

A crossbody bag may not seem essential, but you cannot do away with it if you are a fashionista that enjoys summer outdoors. It gives you an instant vintage style boost and can go with numerous colored outfits in your collection. You look so much chic with a practical sense.

16. One-Piece

This could be on your essential summer list for an unforgettable summer experience. It’s not just any swimwear but an essential item to get your wardrobe close to perfection. One-piece is something no fashionista can do without. At Lavintage, the original American used clothing company we add a touch of class to recycled vintage clothing.

17. Slides

The chic value of slide is apparent when you realize you cannot spend the entire summer in flip-flops. It can be paired with a midi, maxi, and shirt for a sensational appearance. It makes you feel relaxed while adding to your confidence.

18. T-shirt Dress

The T-shirt dress is nearly synonymous with summer. They come in a variety of designs and colors, making it difficult for you to choose. The right one for you must match your color and design choice. The ones made from recycled vintage clothing will light up your mood.

19. Sunglasses

This should ideally be on the top of your summer list. The time to change the old sunglasses is now with ever newer, sleeker shades popping up. Choose the one that blends with your face shape to boost your style and confidence.

20. Breton Stripes

There's no reason you miss a Breton striped T-shirt when you are out, building your summer wardrobe to perfection. With the right design and color choice to match denim shorts or jeans, all eyes will be on you.

If you're searching for a vintage summer essential, LA Vintage is your one-stop destination in classic fashions. Check out our Los Angeles warehouse today!

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