Modern Twists on 80's Sportswear Fashion

Modern Twists on 80's Sportswear Fashion

Modern Twists on '80s Sportswear Fashion

It was in the '80s that casual wear became another word for leisurewear and the trend went well beyond the '90s. It was common in those days to create a big divide between sports or activewear and other clothing in one’s wardrobe. For instance, it was possible to wear a tracksuit and rock the look like any popular hip-hop artist. However, it was not acceptable to pair your jeans with a sports top.

But that was a thing of the past; today, you often see models wearing a blazer with joggers on runways, clearly breaking the fashion rules of the '80s and '90s.

So, are we saying that today’s fashion frontrunners have given their own modern twist to 80’s fashion? Perhaps the answer is yes because vintage sportswear is the new word on the street. After all, it is trendy, comfortable, and acceptable!


Taking Inspiration from The '80s

There were quite a few audacious trends that ruled the 80’s, whether it was the prints, silhouettes or colors, leave alone the makeup and hair. The focus was essentially on ‘more.’ Now whether we like it or not, 80’s fashion is back, albeit a slight change. Subtlety, not boldness, has now become the center of designing. The modern twist to vintage fashion makes it more wearable (and fun!).

If we take a quick look back at the '80s, we find that popular trends among women’s wear varied from country club clothing to classic American activewear. But it wasn’t restricted to just these two categories; there were artful eclecticism, lavish glamour, and powerhouse workwear. If you’re looking for inspiration on the trends from that era, we suggest going beyond the mainstream icons such as Cyndi Lauper, Jane Fonda, and Madonna. And considering some other remarkable trendsetters from the same time as Princess Diana, Jerry Hall, Sarah Jessica Parker, Grace Jones, Pat Cleveland, Brooke Shields, Joan Collins, and Lisa Bonet.


Remodeling of Full Tracksuits

It won’t be wrong to say that a very iconic vintage sportswear trend is full of tracksuits. These are being flaunted by all music industry legends and have made a rather pressing appearance in thousands of fitness videos as well. On the runways, brands like Calvin Klein, Levis, and Tommy Hilfiger have remodeled the classic bright tracksuit trend of the '80s and given it a new definition: being loved fashionistas across the globe.


The Continuing Trend of Bold Colors

As mentioned earlier, bold colors are what defined 80’s fashion. They have been imported into the trend of modern leisurewear too, with designers like Lyle & Scott and Tommy Hilfiger bringing in their own versions of flashy jackets. You will note that these often have a combination of absolutely mismatched colors, which it seems is still pretty stylish and something that fashion-forward people like to sport across the globe.

Reworking vintage fashion and making it relevant and wearable in the current era could often involve a lot of upcycling. The results, though, are absolutely worth it. Several brands in the U.S. that create trendy tie-dyed tops by recycling vintage wedding gowns and evening wear. These tops, combined with a pair of joggers, looks absolutely stunning and perfectly define the term ‘vintage sportswear!’

Retro-Style Trainers

Footwear is a big part of fashion and has been an integral trendsetting element in every era, including the '80s. And let’s be honest, we all like to channel our inner hip-hop legend from that time ever so often, don’t we? Hence the captivation for chunky retro trainers! Modern-day fashionistas are constantly looking for classic sports brands like Fila to get their vintage athleisure look right. Fila trainers will never fail to give you that old-school feel with their simple color combinations and funky overall design.

The Puff-Sleeve Dress

Puff-sleeve dresses have won many girls' hearts in recent times, as they find their inclinations towards vintage fashion. But this silhouette need not necessarily be limited to occasion vintage wear. What we mean is that forget saving your retro-style party dress for a cocktail and visualizing it with only bold statement heels. Instead, pair it with clean white sneakers, and you’re totally rocking 80’s vintage fashion with your own modern, sporty twist! 

Oversized Blazers

If you have issues with your blazer or blouse having shoulder pads, then get over them, because vintage fashion is incomplete without a bit of drama. Go bold or go home is what we learn from the 80’s trends, so take out that oversized blazer from your mom’s wardrobe and create that structured frame that shouts retro. But you don’t have to go all formal; you can pair the blazer with a pair of relaxed jeans or even leggings and simple sneakers for an all-out vintage sportswear look.

With all this input in mind, you’re ready to make a killer statement, giving 80’s fashion your own contemporary makeover from reworking vintage fashion.

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