Spring Trends 2021 (WIth A Vintage Twist)

Spring Trends 2021 - LA Vintage

After a year like the one we just had, 2021 fashion comes as a breath of fresh air bringing new hope to us all. Or at the least, a welcome distraction while the world hurries to bring relief and solutions. Many designers decided to opt out of the 2021 fashion shows (understandably so), but those who showed up brought the heat. Spring trends are here, and many of them are calling for modernized throwbacks of some of our favorite timeless items - particularly from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Let’s dive in!


On the runways this year, we’re seeing lots of organic materials such as beachy beads and pounded metals. These looks give both a laid back, chill feeling while infusing sacred, boho elements. We’re also seeing a lot of raw pearls for that mermaid-on-land look.

Vintage Twist: Lazy beads were super in in the 90’s, and the boho look comes from the 60’s and 70’s (truly originating in tribal communities before fashion was even a thing), and of pearls were one of the most valued gems in ancient Greece. We’re also seeing metal anklets and body chains as belts resurfacing from the 90’s with a modern flare. Check out our vintage BELTS AND CHAIN PURSES here.


Modern Women Accessories


Vintage Women Accessories


Flowers signify new beginnings, and once again the fashion industry is bringing us hope of just that. We’re seeing lots of head to toe, soft floral looks on the runways this year - especially in soft pastels. The color really standing out to us for this spring is Yellow, which symbolizes happiness and joy. Between new beginnings and joy, our clothes allow us to express our inner desires light heartedly.

Vintage Twist: Pastel florals were wildly popular in the 1960’s and to this day are some of the easiest vintage pieces to find from this decade. Hippies commonly wore pastel florals as a symbol of freedom and free love. Check out our DRESS BOX MIX OF 10 to vintage up your fresh, modern look today.


Modern Floral - LA Vintage


Vintage Floral - LA Vintage Wholesale

In The Trenches

Trench coats make their appearance in trends often, and we love that no matter how they change, they always remain classic at the same time. Trench coats are so customizable for each person, be it dramatic collars, cinched belts, mid or long sleeves, shoulder pads or colors, they are a staple for any time, any year.

Vintage Twist: Trench coats came to golden age cinema in the 40’s and 50’s, symbolizing mystery and sex appeal. Then bright colored trenches were born and became all the rage in 60’s fashion as we moved from black and white to technicolor. Check out our vintage TRENCH COAT MIX


Modern Trench Coat


LA Vintage Trench Coat

Large Button Downs

In the past we looked at women wearing XXL button down shirts as having to belong to a man, often used in cinema to represent an intimate trist the night before. Those standards are so last season, as women claim XXL button down shirts for themselves. The style feels masculine but with a sexy feminine twist, and screams “Relaxed & Powerful” all at once.

Vintage Twist: Baggy clothes were extremely popular in the 1990s, making vintage button downs the perfect, sustainable option for rocking this powerful look. Check out our BLOUSE MIX today.


Modern Button Downs Showcase


Vintage Women Button Downs Showcase

Bright Colorful Coats

It’s no secret that 2020 felt dull, or lacking in color. Let’s be honest, it was a lot of sweatpants and netflix. So this year, we’re seeing coats of many different colors showing up on the fashion scene to brighten up our world again and insight passion and joy. This is a trend we definitely love and recognize throughout the decades.

Vintage Twist: Bright colorful coats were all the rage in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Coming out of the great depression in the 30’s meant finding new ways to express and liberate the self, while inspiring each other for a greater future. Color does this, which is why we absolutely love the BRIGHT COLORFUL VINTAGE COATS we sell here.


Modern Women Bright Coat


Vintage Bright Colorful Coats

Windbreaker Fashion

We never thought we’d say this, but windbreakers are back in! Now don’t get us wrong, we have always LOVED and embraced a good windbreaker, but now that world is about to embrace them again too. It feels like just yesterday when the 80’s and 90’s windbreakers were what was hot, and now the style has finally cycled back to us. And just like all the other trends for 2021, we’re talking bright colors.

Vintage Twist: There’s literally no greater era for windbreakers than the 1980’s, and the best part about that is that windbreakers can last decades and maintain very good condition. Check out our WINDBREAKER BOX here.





Cinched Waists

It’s a cinch! Cinched waists are back in. We know corsets for body shaping had their moment when the Kardashians started showing off their perfectly curved bodies. We’re finding cinched waist belts to be far more comfortable and stylish!

Vintage Twist: In the 1980’s cinched belts were HOT, making it a necessary vintage fashion statement that transcends time once again. Check out our BELT MIX here!






A neutral mood to ground & accessories the light pastels and bright colors of this year. We love the khaki look, because it literally transcends time in the classiest way possible. There’s just something about a good Khaki item that screams military chic meets soft and dreamy. A weird combo… we know. And yet, weirdly on the nose! Khaki is the perfect addition to a soft, neutral, aesthetic AF space.

Vintage Twist: The iconic gap commercial for Khaki’s where two couples are swing dancing is literally the perfect example of why vintage khaki’s are the best khaki’s. They last forever too!


Modern Khaki’s - LAV


Khaki Vintage

Shoulder Pads

An exciting nod to the 80’s has now taken on a life of its own, creating a powerful look in women’s clothing. I mean honestly, what’s more powerful than a bold shoulder on a powerful woman? The shoulder pad has been sprinkled into fashion shows over the last few years, but we can admit, no one does it like Balenciaga. Shout out to Ela Shiaparelli for being brilliant enough to transform football padded shoulders into a trick of the eye and a flash of the feminine silhouette in the 1930’s.

Vintage Twist: When shopping for your bold shoulder blouse or blazer, consider going to vintage with it. There’s no stronger look than the original itself! Check out our BLAZER BOX today.






A deliciously surprising style is upon us, and it serves no purpose other than to be the visual turn on we all needed after a year in sweatpants. Net in fashion feels like a snake or fish shedding its skin and revealing more of itself… and we really believe that’s what net is doing here. Helping us to shed our skin and show more of who we are once again.

Vintage Twist: In the past we’ve seen net show up in a variety of different ways. The two that come to mind the fastest are marital and mourning. Net is so interesting as it takes the shapes of many different emotions. When we think of net as both a shedding of the skin and an element of mourning, it feels inspiring in the direction of mourning 2020 but embracing and growing for the future!


Modern Women's Net - Vintage Clothing


Net Vintage

Oversized Denim Jeans

Remember in the 90’s when we were all rocking that Tomboy/boyfriend jean look? It’s back! That casual, laid back look is on trend and we are living for it. There’s literally nothing like a lazy, comfy outfit that screams fashion icon, and oversized denim jeans does just the trick.

Vintage Twist: Our favorite oversized vintage jeans are Levi Strauss - obviously! They are legendary. We’re also quite fond of Lee and Lucky as well. Check out or VINTAGE LEVI MIX here.





There is so much in the fashion world to look forward to in this upcoming Spring, filled with hope for the future. From bright colors, to bold fabrics, to retro and vintage styled vibes, we have no doubt that the day we get to go out and rock these looks is coming sooner than later. Check out our new and improved wholesale boxes to bring more original and sustainable versions of these styles into the world!

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