Three Vintage Fashion Staples For Girls That Never Go Out of Style

Three Vintage Fashion Staples For Girls That Never Go Out of Style

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Some clothing items look better with a vintage aura. Not only do they give you an eclectic look, but they also seem to have an exciting story to tell.

That being said, Vintage clothing is eco-friendly. When you purchase retro vintage clothing, you are not only investing timelessly but earning environmental sustainability points as well.

If you are shopping for old-fashioned vintage clothes, here are three retro vintage clothing staples that never go out of style:

  1. Vintage Denim
  2. Vintage Leather
  3. Vintage Leather Vintage Band T-Shirts
Vintage Denim

If there is one piece of fashion that every woman owns, it is denim!

Classic denim is every girl’s go-to standby. Most of us have more than a pair of this ever-green classic, so it is not surprising that vintage denim rocks. You’re likely to find a pair in your mom’s closet too. They’re also the ‘in’ item as we speak.

Rigid denim with straight legs and a high rise are becoming popular once again. They’re taking over other denim hits like the ‘skinny’ jeans with stretchy spandex that have been a favorite for the past decade.

What is the Best Place to Buy a Pair of Vintage Jeans?

There are clothing stores like LA Vintage that specialize in classic pieces. It is the best place to hunt for that perfect pair. Not only will you get your hands on a veritable pair, but you are also doing your part for the environment.

What’s more, your love for antique denim doesn’t have to end with jeans. There are retro vintage denim jackets too! Remember those oversized denim jackets from the 80s?

Find the perfect vintage jeans and a denim jacket from the LA Vintage Women Denim Collection today!

Vintage Leather 
Leather jackets are a fashion centerpiece. No matter what season, you can always don a leather jacket. But if you want to up your fashion quotient this year, consider a Vintage leather jacket with your next ensemble.

Imagine a pair of jeans with a leather coat. The ever-so-classic!

                      Vintage Leather Jacket for Women

How to Identify a Vintage Leather?

Vintage leather has a few standout, unique characteristics that help identify it. These are:

  • Scratches
  • Wrinkles
  • Patina
  • A few imperfections

If the leather items look new or perfect, it’s probably not a vintage leather fashion piece. Leather looks better with age. It develops a patina, which adds to the overall look. So if you see a few scratches and marks, it’s likely a retro vintage clothing item.

Some vintage leather pieces are dyed with various colors to create highlights and add texture. An example is ‘distressed’ leather, which is an aniline-dyed product that adds a worn-out look to the piece.

Vintage Band T-shirts

Every vintage-inspired wardrobe needs a retro band T-shirt.

These are not limited to actual music bands from the yesteryears. Vintage band T-shirts can also be sports teams and television show shirts.

Even though many high-street shops sell mass-produced replicas of band T-shirts, the vintage band T-shirt niche has always been a big business.

What is a Vintage Band T-Shirt?

This is a musician or concert associated T-shirt.

Many rock and metal bands had T-shirts. Musical groups and bands also promote themselves and their tours by creating and selling/giving away T-shirts at tours, events, shows, etc. Loyal fans often purchase or obtain these as collector items.

How to Spot a Vintage Band T-Shirt?

At a vintage shop, you can spot a bona fide band T-shirt if it looks slightly worn out. The band T-shirt should never look pristine. If it does, it is likely a reproduction piece.

Rare vintage band T-shirts often sell at high price tags. There should be a date below the graphic, on either the back or front of the T-shirt.

Are you looking to get your hands on the most classic Vintage Band Tees in LA? Look no more; LA Vintage has got you covered!

Some band T-shirts you might find in your parents’ closet that is worth wearing and holding on to are:

  • Nirvana’s tour crew T-shirt from 1993: Although they had several t-shirts, they’re pretty rare to find because these were handed out to only crew members who work on their In Utero tour.
  • Michael Jackson’s tour baseball T-shirt from 1984: His 1984 Thriller world tour was an immense success. Michael Jackson Thriller baseball shirts were sold for $996 apiece at that time. It was a lot of money to spend on a T-shirt at that time. However, those who do have it are sitting on a fashion goldmine today.
  • Run D.M.C.’s concert T-shirt from the early 80s: This New York rap legend sold promo T-shirts in the early ’80s. Today, this band T-shirt will set you back a few pennies- similar to other hip hop band T-shirts at that time.


Vintage clothing never goes out of fashion. These are essential pieces that have stood the test of time because they easily blend in with current fashion trends.

If you’re looking for classic fashion items that never go out of style, head over to LA Vintage. You will find all the three essential retro clothing for women items: denim, leather, or a band T-shirt.

You know your wardrobe is incomplete without these items!

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