Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not addressed in this following F.A.Q. please don't hesitate to inquire further by contacting one of our customer service representatives.

Q. What do you consider Vintage Clothing?

Our vintage consist of both men's and women's clothing from the 40's through the early 90's. Please note that most vintage clothing is one of a kind, no two pieces will ever be alike.

Q. How specific can I be about pieces when placing an order?

You can be as specific as you like when ordering from the handpicked section. However, when buying "Mix" lots you will have no option to do so.

Q. How do you decide what goes in each pack?

For each pack we produce a mix that reflects the best condition, size-run and style of pieces. We sift through millions of pounds of clothes each year looking for the best vintage for our customers. We weed through the damaged and boring, pulling out the good stuff for our accounts. With a dedicated warehouse staff that has extensive retail experience, we know what sells and make sure that each mix is getting an accurate size run and styles for the highest potential retail mark-up.

Q. Are the clothes ready to be sold in my shop upon arrival?

Generally the answer is NO. Though most of our merchandise is folded and packaged for delivery, the items have not yet been laundered. It is each store's responsibility to wash, dry clean, steam or iron every piece accordingly before putting them out for sale.

Q. How do I place an order?

There are many options when placing an order. You can e-mail, fax, or call . No matter what form you choose you will always get a call back, from a representative, to confirm your order, method of payment and receive a tracking number before it is shipped.

Q. How specific can I be when placing an order?

You can be as specific as we can accommodate. Because we are a bulk provider we are not interested in opening accounts with those looking only for specific rare items. If you need to order in size and color we can help you, however you will pay a per piece price up to as many as you order.

Q. Do you have a minimum or Trial Order minimum?

We have a minimum "opening" order of $500 on all new local accounts and $750 on all new international accounts. We also have a weekly visit minimum of $500 and monthly of $1000.

Q. Can I come visit your warehouse and handpick an order?

Of course! We welcome all buyers to visit our warehouse and handpick. Nobody can fill your order as well as you can! You must make an appointment with our sales rep.
Call: (310) 323 0633 ext 212

13003 South Figueroa St, Los Angeles CA 90061

Q. If something is not listed in the catalog/web site can I still get it?

Not necessarily, always call and ask, we often have items that are unlisted, and are always on the hunt for new items.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major Credit Cards, Paypal, Wire Transfers, Checks and of course Cash. When placing an order of $1000+ we require a 50% deposit.

Q. Who do you use for shipping and how does it work?

We currently use DHL for all international orders. Because we ship in bulk we have a very affordable rate with DHL. We also offer a shipping discount on orders over 2000. Please contact us for more information.


We currently have a NO RETURNS policy. However, we want all of our clients to be happy and we will always try to work something out in case you have an issue with your order. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer service and our stylists have many years of experience pulling orders.